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Antislip Products

Safe Plate

SafeMate Safe Plates (SP) are designed and manufactured to provide the highest rated non-slip or antislip surface. Our Safeplates are available in standard sizes and are also cut to design so as to fit the floor area to be covered. We manufacture safeplates for applications in pedestrian traffic as well as in industry for traction to forklifts and other machinery.

Ladder Rung Cover

SafeMate Ladder Rung Covers are designed and manufactured to provide the highest rated non-slip or antislip surface. Ladder Rung Covers are superior to nonslip tape as they will not tear, peel, or wear out.

GlowMate - Glow in the Dark Antislip

SafeMate’s GlowMate is used whenever and wherever it is required to create egress paths, walkways, stairs and any environment safe in dark (such as in sudden power outages) with highly visible self-illuminating surfaces.

Coat and Sprinkle Antislip Coating

Safemate’s Coat & Sprinkle is used for making walkways and pathways by providing an antislip texture to the surface. Slip prevention for surfaces that has foot-traffic is paramount to reducing accidents due to slips on same level. Safemate’s Coat and Sprinkle is equally effective in domestic, commercial, and industrial situations.

BCC - AS 1428.1 Compliant Nosing

Building Code of Australia (BCA) addresses all the requirements for a building to comply with Australian standards. BCA confers mandatory powers on various Australian Standards to be used in building construction. Any violation of standards will lead to penalties and even declaration of a dwelling as unfit. AS1428.1 – Australian Standard Design for Access and Mobility Part 1 - delineates antislip requirements for stairways and stair nosings.

Antislip Solutions for Stairs

SafeMate offers three main types of antislip solutions for stairs. They are Stair Nosings, Stair Cappings, Bull Nose Cappings, and Offshore Nosings – each one designed to suit specific design and environment. They are easily fitted and suitable for use with common substrates such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, timber, plastics, and composites. They provide unfailing antislip surface for pedestrians in all conditions.