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Public Buildings

Safemate Antislip products use only the highest quality antislip materials designed to provide durable, sanitary non-slip surfaces that comply with Building Code regulatory standards in the USA and throughout the world. Safemate Anti-Slip has provided nonslip solutions to Federal, State and Local Government departments in such diverse areas as Education, Defence, Health and Transport.

Since 1974, Safemate Anti-Slip has provided quality non-slip walkway, non-slip stair and non-slip floor products for a range of public buildings including Schools, Railway Stations, Stadiums, Clubs, Pools, Churches and Government Offices. Safemate Anti-slip understands that heavy traffic, dirt, moisture and extended operating hours all contribute to creating slippery floors, walkways and stairs at public buildings.

A failure to provide an effective sanitary and slip-resistant public thoroughfare can not only cause serious injury or death, it can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and compensation payments in an increasingly litigious society.

As such OH&S Managers have come to trust Safemate Anti-Slip to protect their operation by delivering effective and stylish non-slip solutions to hazards caused by slippery walkways, floors and stairs.

Safemate - Your partner in Safety